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You can only join this forum if you have been invited and if you are a close friend of mine. This is my forum for me and my close friends to hang out and chill in the relaxation of a non-restricted environment which is free of obnoxious people :]

Members have access to all of the subforums. No nerds, trolls, noobs, under 12s, haters, stalkers, people who are easily offended, or people with no social lives allowed.

Main Rules Of This Site.

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Main Rules Of This Site. Empty Main Rules Of This Site.

Post by Mummy on Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:05 am

To be honest, I hate rules. Too many of them is like getting kicked in the nuts when I have a boner. BUT I still have to keep ya guys under control, and prevent this lame forum from closing down by weird party pooping politicians. So stfu, and READDD

It's just basic forum etiquette (aka manners). They're so easy to follow, that you can't exactly break them unless you try to.

If you break these, I will be forced to create reminders, which I shouldn't have to do as you should be smart enough to follow them without me poking you in the face constantly. I don't want this site to turn into TTC.

Read these frequently, as I might update them without warning :O

1. NUUU double posting (posting twice in a row generally) or bumpingz0rz (posting twice in a row to get your thread up to Recent Topics) unless 24 hours have passed since your last post. We don't like grave digging either, unless you have something constructive to add to the thread. Also, please don't flood the forum (posting pointless stuff mainly to increase post count or making a comment in every section so that your name shows up under every Last Post on the forum index).
2. NUUU spamming. I'm sure you guys are actually SOMEWHAT sane. ._.
3. NUUU pornography. Not even Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole having hot hardcore lesbo sex. I don't want to jack off on my own website, it seems wrong.
4. NUUU shock images. Or in other words, extremely disturbing, disgusting images that we don't wanna see, especially if they're likely to make me gag up that lovely chicken leg that I just ate. This doesn't apply to pictures of Miley Cyrus' face.
5. NUUU racism or harrassment. Occasional banter is fine (e.g. tea and crumpets, tacos and Chihuahuas, etc.) but don't go any further than that. Don't randomly get rude to people coz you think they're noobies for some reason. Of course, you can do this as a joke, like if you're really good friends with the other person and they know that you're joking, but if you're clearly doing it spitefully, or you are continuously and seriously trying to pick fights with people, then you will be punished. */me sings We Are Family*
6. NUUU illegal stuff. So don't be sellin' no cocaine on this site (mainly because your silly curious experimental minds will end up wasting your money).
7. NUUU advertising sites. Don't join only to advertise your site, even if it is decent. If we go to this site, we LIKE this site. We don't go on this site to find other sites, silly child. Unless it's within reason.
8. NUUU intentionally breaking rules purposely to get banned, or encouraging people to break rules. If ya want to do that, you're really sad, so I would recommend that you insult consult a therapist. :]
9. NUUU bad grammar. Except in the 'Retardland' subbie. sp3kin liek dis maekz u l0k n3rdi, and nerds aren't worthy for this forum run by socially active people.
10. NUUU sock puppetry. One account for you is enough. If you're a noob, which you probably are, and you make more accounts, that just means more noobs, which are a waste of space and piss off all the other members. If you're desperate for another account, just PM me with the account name, and I'll keep it confidential. Otherwise it's just a waste of time, and I'll ruin your silly little plan. You can't fool me!
11. NUUU under 12s. This board has some fucking naughty words, and if I find out that you're 11 or something stupid like that, you will be banned until your 12th barfdai. Darling even at 12 I'm pushing it! However, if you're nearly 12 and you're mature enough, then we'll consider it. This is more maturity than the date when you came out of you're mother's minny (or were ripped from her lower intestine, depending on whether you had a C-section or not).
12. NUUU specific personal information. I don't care if it's your personal info somebody else's, I don't want any wrinkly bum sex resulting from stuff posted on this site. First name is fine. Middle name is fine (even though they're pretty pointless). State is fine. Country is fine. Age is fine. Hair style & color is fine. Race is fine. Anything further than that is against the rules here. Do you really want pedophiles hunting you down and making you glug down the rancid pale lumpy semen from their tiny limp shrivelled veiny hairless cock because you posted specific personal information on this smelly board? This also means no linking to social networking profiles or any real life pictures of people that we might know on the web.

ty. Don't break any rules, or I will hit you with my big chunky spiky cock ban hammer Very Happy


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Main Rules Of This Site. Flight10
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